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Town Hall With Russ Bullock Sexta-Feira 30 Janeiro 02H (Transcrição e Video no OP)

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Town Hall With Russ Bullock Sexta-Feira 30 Janeiro 02H (Transcrição e Video no OP)

Mensagem  gh0s7m3rc em Ter Jan 26, 2016 11:18 pm

O primeiro Town Hall de 2016:

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PGI escreveu:
WHEN: Friday January 29th 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST / 2 AM UTC (Jan 30th)
WHERE: [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Join us for another Town Hall meeting with Russ Bullock, President of Piranha Games!

Join us for another Town Hall Meeting with Russ Bullock, President of Piranha Games. Topics of discussion will include Community Warfare Phase 3, the MechWarrior Online World Championships, and more! Questions will be taken exclusively from live Twitch chat, so come ready to discuss the present and future of MWO!

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Portanto, quem quiser ouvir o Patrão-mor da PGI ao vivo, poderá fazê-lo esta Sexta-Feira às 02H da manhã, na noite de Sexta para Sábado. Smile
Eu, como Sábado vou estar de folga, vou ficar a pé; gosto de assistir a estas coisas ao vivo e simultaneamente a ler o caos do chat no canal de Twitch. lol!

Mas, sobretudo, quero ouvir os planos da PGI para a 3ª Fase de Community Warfare / Faction Play.
Depois, quando o stream for uploaded para o YouTube, eu irei colocar o link aqui mesmo no OP; o mesmo acontecerá se alguém fizer a transcrição em texto.  Cool

P.S.: Já agora, os limites de tonelagem para as Drop Decks da Inner Sphere em CW foram actualizadas para 260t (até agora, era 265t). Ou seja, um jogador tanto IS como Clan tem o limite de 260 toneladas.

EDIT: Desta vez, nem consegui ficar até ao fim, foram mais de duas horas Laughing , fica com a SPOILER tag porque é mesmo uma muralha de texto:

Russ Bullock:

   Steam players account for roughly half of the player-count in MWO most of the time.
   Steam launch has been like re-launching the game "plus quite a bit". Total MAU count hit is well over double what they hit when they launched the game the first time
   Average day playercount right now is at least 25-50% higher on average on the week and weekends is higher than it was during Closed Beta, Open Beta, or the initial Launch
   They do plan to release more DLC items on Steam for MWO but they are not sure yet if the existing packs will stick around or will evolve over time; dropdeck packs are also being considered in concert with CWv3 dropping

Patches, Roadmap

   Going forward, aiming for monthly patch cycle rather than bi-weekly; much easier on development and better quality patches with more feature improvements and bug fixes included

Roadmap for February 16th patch

   Rifleman mech
   3-4 new maps being released only available in private lobby, untextured, and intended for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 but you could put as many players in a match as you'd like on any of them. Solaris-like maps being used as a testbed for competitive PvP ranked gamemode they are currently planning, potentially located under a "Solaris" tab in the client
   Time of day selection in private lobbies
   Balance changes (details will be in patch notes): Clan TCs have been buffed to make them more worth the tonnage they require to mount , MASC has also been buffed w/ greater speed and maneuverability increase and the "decharge" rate was cut in half so it should last twice as long or recharge twice as fast(? Phil unclear on this point), quirks - too much to talk about but mostly focused on the underperforming Clan mechs (yay!), says some still need new quirks that aren't available right now related to jumpjets or ammo that they hope to add at some point, they also removed all the negative quirks on the top-performing Clan mechs (cool), IS mechs they did not change a lot beyond reducing the structure buffs on the BJ-1X and BJ-3 (aight), and IS energy range quirks are being slightly reduced as Russ doesn't want IS range buffs to be more than 10% on any of them (sadface). Says they still have their eye on a few other things but that's the gist of the changes for February.
   Flamer has been changed! New visual effects that don't blind the target quite as much (boo lol), but better mechanics now related to how it heats up the enemy mech and does damage etc. Thinks it might make them somewhat interesting. Details in the patch notes
   Ability to remap the spectator controls. More tweaks to spec tools coming over the next few months
   Stalker visual mechlab retrofit
   Caustic Valley map getting some improvements like V.Bog did as far as "pebble control" to help ease the pain of little junk on the ground
   Lots of bug fixes

Post-February: * New pilot model (in March?) * Union-class dropship model mentioned, too
New mech announcement

   Talks about one-off mech packs that they've done recently, wants to do something on the Clan side this time
   Another classic mech (aka unseen/reseen)
   Goes up for sale next week
   Kodiak I love you Russ
   Kodiak chassis release will include the very first Clan hero mech
   Kodiak not an omnimech so will behave more like the IIC mechs, engine swapping etc
   Provides second 100t Clan chassis
   Lots of talk about how amazing the concept art is (we should see it soon) - Russ will tweet it as soon as it's finalized
   Hero build will be a MASC build. Less hardpoints (~7) but Russ thinks the combo of hardpoints with MASC will make it pretty exciting
   Follows the new package system for the classic/unseen mechs ($20, $40, $15 for hero add-on)
   Releasing the Kodiak as a one chassis release, with one more to follow it on the IS side, then likely going back to the 4-mech package concept if sales and feedback aligns with that plan

Community Warfare v3

   When: Originally targeting March. Content complete by late February. Probably QA complete just a little too late for March patch code-complete date, so to be safe Russ says April, so 80-90% likely it will be in April 19th patch
   Splitting solo vs group queues in CW: Russ has evolved his stance on this (originally said they'd never do it). He now realizes that it would likely help a lot for new CW player experience and has a technical solution in mind for how they could pull it off; still has concerns around wait times due to small percentage of population currently playing CW
   All players without unit tags can play in the Solo queue and groups are not allowed into it. Both loyalists and freelancers (CWv3 terminology) will be in the solo queue, but not any pre-set groups of players who are part of a unit
   Group aka Unit queue is any player with a unit tag and any pre-set faction groups of players. If you want to play in this queue solo, create a unit and you can then be playing in this queue instead of the Solo queue
   MC earnings will be per planet per battle and a lifespan for the planet (perhaps for 30 days after it is a contestable planet) to earn MC so planets way behind faction lines will not earn MC indefinitely. This feature is only available in Group play queue (aka Unit play). Unit leader can assign the MC to any player in the unit however they see fit
   They decided against putting hard unit limits in (good), but figures some of the new features like MC might encourage units to split more to get a bigger piece of the rewards per pilot
   Total number of planets contested at a time will be reduced (probably around 10 max)
   Faction loyalists will get a vote as to who their faction is at war with, and whichever faction they are at war with is the front along which planets will be contested
   Russ wants to see the "all IS can defend against Clans and vice versa" setup brought to an end, with just each faction defending its own space, but recognizes this could be problematic if nobody there to defend. For now this is not changing but it's something he's ruminating on
   To help combat unit hopping, contracts are now just 7 days no other intervals, except loyalists are loyalists and breaking loyalist perm contract is 7-day cooldown. If you are a big unit, he would like to see them pick a faction and an area of space to own, so when a merc unit changes faction contract, their tags disappear from planets they owned under the previous contract
   Unit recruitment costs discussed as something that will impact larger units if players leave and then come back - already-large population units gaining additional members will cost more
   Rambling about 3 ceasefires concept, timezones, playerbase geography, etc
   Scouting 4v4 gamemode and impact on the other modes
   Re-done UI

-Russ announces he is only about half-done on his list for tonight so far-

Mech rescaling

   Rescaling takes a ton of resources and time due to rejiggering animations and rescaling textures, etc. Estimates a minimum of 2-3 "man-months" of effort on the art team (roughly one full work-day per mech, 20 workdays per month). Unclear how that converts to lady-months
   Russ estimates they will target only the worst offenders due to the burden of rescaling; figures upwards of half the mechs could be getting at least some level of rescale though, so this will be a major effort
   And this means they will need to look at the quirks again on these mechs, for example the Nova which will be shrinking something like 18% smaller volume
   Crab is too small, 5% global upscale to be correct (but says take this with a grain of salt because other mechs changing their volumetric size may impact how much other ones have to change

   Catapult 88% of its current size. These are volumetric shrinks so 10-15% difference is "huge"

   Second Catapult hero mech coming. Butterbee "More of a missile-boat hero mech"

       Sarna: The personal ride of MechWarrior Jenny Templeton, this variant of the Catapult replaces the standard arm-mounted LRM-15s with a quartet of SRM-6 missile launchers, two in each arm.


   All Russ is saying for now is they are committed and preparing for it, will be releasing a new section of the website for this World Championships 2016 official tournament as promised at the Steam launch party. Q1 2016 "no later than late March" it will go live with team sign-ups, layout of timing, etc. They are still open to suggestions, advice, hints, on what maps, tonnage ranges, criteria to set for the tournament. Looking particularly to those who have been running player-led tournaments over the past few years for feedback.
   Finals on-site in Vancouver
   Critical decision: Is it a 12v12 tournament or not? Russ initially thought yes, though he appreciates the 8v8 preference, especially with the challenges to get together larger groups for 12v12 viability. Likes that 12v12 is more epic, fills the battlefield better with 3 lances per side. But in researching comp play in other games, Russ notes that other games (WoT mentioned) have comp play in smaller numbers than their open public/casual play (15v15 casual vs 7v7 comp in WoT). Still undecided but leaning strongly toward competitive MWO being 8v8 rather than 12v12


   Russ is aware that MWO doesn't currently have ranked play delineated but is very strongly thinking of a Solaris tab is the way to go for that and the time is right for them to really product-plan around that as a ranked mode for MWO. (YES!) This would be alongside QuickPlay, Community Warfare, and unit play in MWO. This Solaris mode would be separate from those, and he is thinking of ways to allow individual and team-based Solaris play that doesn't interfere with those things.
   Thinking 1v1, 4v4, 8v8 matchmade ranked play (likely on the special maps like the ones they are previewing in private lobbies in February patch; colosseum map, etc).
   Wants to have Solaris game mode in by 2017

PvE & Single Player

   For all the folks who aren't interested in PvP, Russ says please don't be concerned that this would delay AI, PvE, or campaign. Those elements are still top priority for them and they understand that is a big desire for large segment of the playerbase
   Cost of a high quality singleplayer game experience is enormous compared to online PvP. So if they can establish MWO PvP, they have ability to do PvE. "And we are at that point now" !!
   One thing they're really missing is the AI, which they are working on now. And having established PvP first generated the benefit from all the assets created for PvP filling in PvE nicely
   Expects in the next 2-3 weeks the AI will be more than pathing but also finding targets, shooting, combat, etc. A few weeks beyond that, hopes to see it breaking off paths, engaging, brawling, etc. Feels it is moving along fairly quickly
   Needs to balance the team's resources with these divergent tasks (PvE, Solaris, CW, Quickplay, etc). Open to more hires but wants to plan this well and use resources efficiently, but definitely wants to grow the resources dedicated to PvE while also growing ranked competitive play
   Wants CW after v3 to be more frequent smaller updates rather than another 6-9 month wait
   Russ: "Now I know that we'll never be done. Ever. There is no end in sight." So much to develop and build out in MWO.

Engine upgrades

   Call next week with CryTek. Relatively likely for major engine upgrade at some point in 2016 since they are a few releases behind. As soon as GDC, CryTek will be announcing a major upgrade, possibly CryTek4. This will be a major effort and several months (at least 2-4) of a portion of their team dedicated to migrating to it. Opens the door to DX12, VR, etc. "We want to be around 5 years from now with this game, so we have to [do engine upgrades]".
   VR: Russ wants to do it, thinks they will do it, but it's in a tough spot right now. Most games so far are not like MWO, few high quality games are supporting it and they have to have like 100fps in all situations in order to render everything twice, so immediately becomes significantly about high-power PCs to run it. The other challenge with Oculus, there's no switching it on and off, so it's not just the HUD it's also the UI and entire frontend. Imagine how massive that amount of artwork that would be to recraft the entire frontend into VR compatibility. But current SDK does not allow it to be turned off and switched on just for in-match portion of the game. But they are hoping the next SDK has that functionality. If so, it becomes more reasonable but it is still an evolving space so they are keeping tabs on it but not really ready for it to be primetime.
   Consideration: How much use would it really see in the near term? i.e., How many players would really be able to utilize it right now anyway.

Public queue aka "Quickplay" game modes

   For March, Russ would like to have a change to Conquest game mode. Admits current ones are all just different spins on Skirmish. New/different win conditions. Conquest in test to become more about hitting the cap points not killing enemies (this needs respawn mechanics to really work, Russ)
   In March, 4th brand new game mode. Domination/King of the Hill type of game mode. 800m-1000m portion of map in middle with "object of importance". Players inside this region are working toward something (countdown clock invoked, etc) and secondary objectives per team elsewhere on the map that helps accomplishing primary objective. Entering test in next few days.
   Assault will also be tweaked in March, where getting shot will stop the capturing effect temporarily
   By April, complete revamp of Assault game mode. A base per side but a legit base. May utilize CW objects to destroy, etc. Maybe UAV-like tower, ECM bubble, capzone inside, new art assets, turrets, o-gen type events outside the base for defenders to protect that could disable some of the base powerups, etc. Wants to see this become the defacto game-mode for QuickPlay with the other modes becoming lesser-used alternates to this. April at the earliest, possibly May.

New map

   They are working on a new Public Queue map working with the Grim Portico assets, due in April at this time


   Russ: "Kids, don't use 3rd-party programs. You're going to lose your account. Don't do it. Not worth it. We've had accounts with literally thousands of dollars get banned." We're a small community all-in-all, so it's not a lot of people, overall percentage not any different than larger games, but come on people don't cheat
   Says they do have their own anti-cheat detection functions and can detect the cheat programs
   They have a list of people tagged to be banned. They are waiting because they want to capture as many as possible before the ban wave goes out
   They can play cat and mouse with the cheat makers but the less often they do a ban wave, the less resources they need to dedicate to that
   They will not give up and have multiple methods including reporting, full stealth spectate capabilities.
   Next ban wave is coming fairly soon
   They are most serious about the tournaments and ensuring those are cheat free
   Said something about practically half of one unit is running well-known cheat engine and they are aware. Says the unit would be at best mediocre (MEDIOCRE. MEDIOCRE!) without the cheats (so expect to see the ban wave have some real impacts, I guess?).

THUS ENDETH THE RUSS LIST. Now answering community questions:

   Are PSR Tiers 100% separated so Tier 1 and 5 will never see each other?

Russ: Yes. It takes a full 2 minutes to spread matchmaker two full tiers in skill to scrape together a match. So a Tier 1 player searching and a minute goes by, it opens up to Tier 2, if another minute goes by, it adds Tier 3, and that is the max tier width it does. But a fast match does not mean you are playing against all of your tier because you might be getting pulled into a match where other players were waiting 2 minutes so they might be two tiers away from you. So basically, you can't really tell with certainty the match makeup other than it's within 2 tiers of your tier. It's more about balancing tightness of skill matching with speed of matching and Russ feels the current balance is good. Wait times are currently lower than ever. Average wait time is 99s.

   Any plans to revamp PSR to be less an experience bar and more about skill?

Russ: Believes current config is more an indicator of skill than experience but understands why people see it the other way. Believes the original formula could use a bit of a tweak and maybe it is slightly weighted too much toward win/loss outcome. Open to making the formula a bit more about personal performance than match outcome, which could help with that.

Russ spits game about PSR for about 10-15 minutes, looking at the current matches firing on the server from his godview console and the reports of the game servers metrics and status

   Question about group matchmaking and PSR, how it works

Russ: If you group up with players, it creates an average. Matchmaker then tries to find a matching group on the other side with similar PSR or looks for multiple smaller groups that make up the same average PSR, then if no luck after a while it expands to find similar sized groups with further out PSR. Natural for group queue to have more disparity due to fewer players in group queue. 105 PSR point separation between teams in solo queue out of almost 4,000 max PSR range. Group queue team variance average is 172 right now. So more but still under ~5% of total PSR potential range in the skill chart.

   Mention of tighter-together lance spawns on Polar Highlands that some people like and some half-baked question about random spawns

Russ: We're open to revisiting spawn locations on maps if that's what they're asking. Also, new feature in development that will allow players to assign spawns if you take the commander position in the pre-round screen. Currently it doesn't work right but that will be fixed up so it not only changes which lance they're in, it drops them in the correct spawn together.

Map voting change coming - Going live in March: Voting percentages will be hidden until you vote, map vote then locked in, then you can see the percentages. So votes are legitimately what you wanted to play for map and game mode, and if you didn't win, then you get a multiplier, so it's way more legit.

   Question on metrics being gathered so far on voting

Russ: Metrics will be more valuable after this change goes in since less vote-gaming going on, but yes he can see what maps win votes and which ones win most often when they show up in the choices, etc.

   Any plans to make jumpjets more effective, exponential benefit when more added?

Russ: Always willing to look at them. He's not entirely satisfied with them either. Not sure yet what the right solution is; mentions pop-tart supermeta probably not as much a threat with other changes that have been made so they can tweak JJs but some mechs are just great jumpers. Etc. Will still tweak.

   Specific chassis that need some love that are underperformers, any love coming?

Russ: The Clan ones should see some gains after the Feb quirk adjustments, but will continue to be evaluated and incrementally improved as needed. Still need new quirks like for jumpjets and for ammo count per ton, limited tonnage/pod space is challenging, too.

   Other things coming soon?

-Complete redesign of in-game screens coming (pre-match, end-of-round). Lower priority but definitely coming.

-HUD improvements

-Skill tree revamp

-Change coming for mechlab: Improving finding and unequipping of items like modules. Understanding which mechs have which modules in them (finally!)

   Revamped chat interface in UI vs separate window that has to always be popped up/closed by itself

Russ: Aware of issues with it, just a ways down the list. Time to start gathering feedback from community via Tina as to what Unit Creation/Management tab features are most desired by community, and that includes/involves chat. Thinks chat should be accessible throughtout the game in the front-end UI. But also wants to know regarding in-match chat what sort of improvements might be desired there.

   Warhammer brings a nice chassis for PPCs but people looking for improvements to PPCs and other underperforming weapons beyond the Flamer. Any comments?

Russ: Regarding PPC: Great concern of returning to over-use of PPC meta, whether syncing with ballistics or concerns around pop-tarting. They have a goal of increasing/maintaining TTK via avoiding too much damage to any given component at one point in time. Feels there might be room for global speed increase to PPCs though he's not sure if it's speed so much as their heat for the damage they can deal per ton.

Machineguns he feels are about where they should be given how much they can shred opened up components.

AC2s - Adding the missing cooldown module might be a starting point for it.

   Can we get unlocked hard-locked equipment on Clan mechs like JJs, Ferro, Endo, etc?

Russ: I'll never say never but not somewhere we'd like to go immediately because we'd be starting to break the Omni rules. Let's see where the Feb quirk changes and the other quirks we'd like to get in the game and see if that helps enough.

----- 5 final questions from the audience -----

   Quick select list of 4 mechs - can we get a feature like that back?

Russ: Sure, yes, not sure what form it will take though.

   Stats tracking? API? Exporting match data to a csv or similar?

Russ: Probably more data provided within ranked game mode like Solaris

*Decals? Dekkles update!!!

Russ: It's in play, vying for time with UI folks (sounds like just not as high a priority as other stuff). Trying to recall which month it was slated for, but it is on the horizon for this spring.

   Stock mechs setting for private lobby?

Russ: Only reason it hasn't happened is a misconception around how it would work. Very easy for them to put in a flag that loads mechs only in their stock configuration ignoring whatever the player has done to it. However there is a bit difference b/w a stock HBK-4G and a stock SCR-Prime, for example. SHS and standard armor & structure vs a mech that comes with upgrades by default. Foresees just adding this flag as an option would result in people complaining and the feature resulting in even more work for them to make it truly viable. Opens a can of worms.

But he is willing to add it.

   Follow up question on more private lobby configuration options/variable settings (temps, gravity, etc).

Russ: Sure but it has to fight for priority with other stuff including major features.

   Will Alpine Peaks be getting rework treatment?

Russ: Yes, likely to be worked on soon based on player feedback.

   Death from above?

Russ: There's a lot to do to get to that point, several related things including getting deeper with mech-on-mech collisions. Not happy with current issues with collision that causes rubber-banding and such. If that gets fixed, then if someone lands on you from above, can consider this feature. Just haven't gotten around to it yet and it's such a small occurrence factor that it's hard to prioritize, but it also opens up can of worms with melee combat and such.


[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Muitas coisas boas e potencialmente boas a caminho. Será que é desta que vamos ter Flamers úteis??! Shocked  Mas também estou desiludido que ele considere que as Machine Guns estejam ok Crying or Very sad , precisavam de um pequeno upgrade em damage, penso eu de que...

Quando a PGI tiver uploaded o Town Hall para o YouTube, irei também pôr aqui. Smile

EDIT2: E aqui está o vídeo, 4 horas dele:

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Re: Town Hall With Russ Bullock Sexta-Feira 30 Janeiro 02H (Transcrição e Video no OP)

Mensagem  gh0s7m3rc em Sab Jan 30, 2016 11:52 am

Bump por causa do update com a transcrição.
Farei o tópico com o February Road Map mais logo. Talvez... Laughing

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Re: Town Hall With Russ Bullock Sexta-Feira 30 Janeiro 02H (Transcrição e Video no OP)

Mensagem  Lex Peregrine em Ter Fev 02, 2016 10:34 am

Obrigado Ghost! Leitura interessante.

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Lex Peregrine

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Re: Town Hall With Russ Bullock Sexta-Feira 30 Janeiro 02H (Transcrição e Video no OP)

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