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4th Los Desposeidos - History

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4th Los Desposeidos - History

Mensagem  Lex Peregrine em Dom Jan 26, 2014 7:09 pm

3024 - Due to the unrest in Galicia, 4th Battalion Fronterizo, a mercenary unit under contract with House Liao, lands in New Madrid. It's a risky assignment since the 4th has in its ranks a large contingent of MechWarriors from New Barcelona, the continent which includes New Madrid, the planetary capital.

3025 - 4th Battalion is assigned to garrison duties in the capital, that contributes to the forging of close ties with the civilian population.

20-08-3028* - Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner wed on Terra, with the leader of every Successor State present, including their aides, heirs, and other VIPs. At the wedding reception, Hanse Davion uttered one of the most quoted lines in Inner Sphere history, "My dear... I give you the Capellan Confederation.".

3028 - In the first wave of the Federated Suns assault on the Capellan Confederation, units of the 12th Vegan Rangers mercenary unit under contract to House Davion, land on Poznan and quickly gain control of most of the planet.

3029 - The war for the control of Poznan is almost over for House Liao. The remaining forces of the Capellan militia retreat to the New Barcelona continent.

3030 - On May 2nd, a popular uprising against the Capellan government takes place. 4th Battalion is ordered to suppress the rebellion but they refuse to obey it. The battalion staff officers are arrested and executed for sedition. The rest of the personnel are confined to a military prison. Once the war is lost, the planetary governor flees from Poznan taking with him 4th Battalion’s mechs, these mechs will never be recovered.

3031 - By popular support, and in recognition of the sacrifices done by the Battalion in defense of the local population, the 4th is awarded salvage of all equipment captured in the fighting for New Barcelona. The quality of the material obtained from salvage and spare parts from other units is quite poor however. As reminder of the 3030 events, the Battalion acquires a new nickname: "Los desposeidos" or in its english form "The Dispossessed".

3032 - The 4th takes a contract with the Taurian Concordat, and are assigned to defend the recent colonized planet Cádiz against pirates. Inspired by the fulfillment of that duty, they adopt as their unit crest a shield and a skull.

3035 - Thomas Calderon, Protector of the Concordat, astonished by the brilliance displayed by the 4th in their campaign, offered them the opportunity to join the defense forces of the Concordat. This invitation is refused.

3036 - Battle of Cádiz takes place. The Protector, furious by the refusal received, orders the V Corps of the Concordat army to attack and destroy 4th Battalion. This attack is repulsed with heavy losses on both sides.

3037 - Through the mediation of the Federated Commonwealth, the remains of The Dispossessed are fully evacuated. From that event come its motto: "No one is left behind."

3038 - Return Home. The Dispossessed are hired by the AFFC for garrison duties in Poznan, where they strenghten their relations with the 13th War Dogs, another local mercenary unit that remained in Poznan tasked with rebuilding and training the new planetary militia after the world was conquered by the Federated Commonwealth, participating in a series of inter-continental exercises.

3039 - Both The Dispossessed and the War Dogs are contracted by House Davion to conduct raids behind Kurita lines at the start of the War of 39. The first engagements are largely successfull, but eventually they are ordered to pull back due to the unexpected turn in the tide of the war.

3039 to 3040 - On their way back, the combined units of The Dispossessed and the War Dogs are diverted to Nashira, to rendezvous with the 7th Donegal Guards in their move to reeinforce the 12th Vegan Rangers, the unit responsible for the conquest of Poznan back in the fourth succession war, in their assault against the Draconis Combine world. Arriving just in time to prevent the famed Genyosha from destroying the Rangers. The fighting however reached a stalemate, and a few months later the AFFS sent the order to recall the units back to Davion space.

3040 - Both The Dispossessed and the War Dogs return to Poznan, and there remain for the next five years.

Story continues with the creation of the 1st Iberic Battlemech Tercio.

Time lines identified with an * are part of the Battletech lore, and may have been edited from http://www.sarna.net
Lex Peregrine

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